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Data Analytics

Customers gain greater insight into their data and confidence in their forecasts


Data Warehouse

Customers enhance their data sharing and mining capabilities through flexible aggregation, integration, and harmonization solutions


Data Visualization

Customers improve their understanding of data through visual including charts, graphs, and dashboards


Data Mobility

Customer data is effortlessly and seamlessly accessible between onsite users, teleworkers, and field locations


Data Collaboration

Customers improve their ability to seamlessly share data, automate workflows, and collaborate securely

AMDEX provides customers with interdisciplinary Information Technology and scientific skill sets that enable them to harmonize, aggregate, and analyze data to meet their objectives. AMDEX has helped customers manage data in fields ranging from medical research to biomedical engineering to Homeland Security. We have built data warehouses, dissected complex images, built charts and dashboards in order to visualize data. There has been an improvement on data sharing using Cloud-based collaborative tools, Software as a Service (SaaS) and ported data to mobile devices. This improvement was beneficial to the case of Medical Intensive Care Unit, which helped clinicians share patient data in intensive care units.

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