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Executive Leadership Team

Devinder Singh

President & CEO

Ms. Singh is the President & CEO of AMDEX Corporation, which she founded in 1987. Under Ms. Singh’s leadership, AMDEX continues to evolve and expand its competencies to deliver leading technology solutions in the areas of project and portfolio management, data management, Cloud computing, cybersecurity, and infrastructure services. In addition, Ms. Singh has directed the implementation of sound governance and management processes, which have helped AMDEX earn a CMMI Level 3 rating and Cloud certifications with AWS and Microsoft. Ms. Singh is guided by AMDEX’s core values of excellence, integrity, leadership, respect, and innovation. She strongly believes in the company’s motto that “The best reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more.”

Ms. Singh has holds a Master’s Degree in Health Sciences. She has also received numerous awards from federal agencies including the Hammer Award and Government Technology Leadership Award.

Kristi Cell

Vice President, Human Resources

As Vice President, Ms. Cell works closely with AMDEX executives, staff and customers to
align the company’s HR and operational initiatives with strategic goals and objectives to
ensure customer satisfaction with the quality of AMDEX’s services and personnel. Ms. Cell
brings more than 20 years of experience in operations and human resource management to
AMDEX. Her responsibilities include providing strategic direction for the full range of
business operations management and human capital functions, as well as directing the
company’s communications. She fosters a workplace of mutual respect, honesty, and
integrity, and exemplifies the company’s long-standing commitment to providing exceptional

Prior to joining AMDEX, she served as a Vice President with CACI. Her numerous
accomplishments in this position include working with business lines to implement
strategies that accomplish enterprise goals and building an international recruiting team
focused on strategic business lines from intelligence to healthcare IT. Prior to her nine-year
tenure at CACI, she held similar positions with STG, Inc. for more than seven years.

Barbara Campbell

Vice President, Census Account Operations

AMDEX announced Ms. Campbell’s promotion to the position of Vice President, Census Account Operations in February 2018. In this role, Ms. Campbell leads the development and execution of tailored strategies that accomplish customer business requirements through services provided by our Project and Portfolio Management teams. These solutions span across all AMDEX disciplines in which she has proven experience delivering excellence in customer service.

Ms. Campbell has been an integral part of our management team since joining AMDEX in 2014 as part of our 2020 Decennial PMO leadership and continued to advance through progressively more responsible positions. Prior to joining AMDEX, Ms. Campbell spent six years leading PMO teams for Federal Working Group at the U.S. Census Bureau and five years leading similar teams for Lucent Technologies.

Ms. Campbell brings over 20 years of experience in managing information technology (IT), Training, Documentation and project management office (PMO) services contracts for Government agencies.

Jerry Wetmore

Vice President, Business Development and CDC operations

As Vice President, Mr. Wetmore leads the corporate business development and the
operations of our IT and data management services that accomplish customer business
requirements. The solutions span disciplines that include data analytics, data warehouse,
data visualization, data mobility, collaboration and Agile system development. Mr. Wetmore
has experience delivering IT and data management solutions in fields ranging from heath IT
to telecommunications.

Mr. Wetmore has more than 25 years of experience managing IT and data management
services. Prior to joining AMDEX, Mr. Wetmore was the Vice President of MDdatacor, a
company that assisted payers and providers in assembling and presenting medical data.
Mr. Wetmore also served as Practice Director for Unisys, where he led a team of 150
employees in delivering system solutions to customers at the Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention.

Joaquin Hernandez

Chief Technology Officer

Mr. Hernandez brings over 25 years of Information Technology (IT) management experience in the federal, public health, and government gontracting arenas. Mr. Hernandez joins AMDEX after supporting the CDC for the past six years under large IT contractors such as CACI and Unisys. Prior to providing the CDC with architectural solutions, he spent several years as an Executive within the Government Contracting industry, including proprietor of his own IT company providing IT strategy, developing technology roadmaps, and enhancing client and company performance through technology.

In this position, he spearheads AMDEX’s Cloud computing and Cybersecurity practices, which include cloud enablement, cloud migration, management and optimization,  security and compliance.

Bruce Smith

Facilities Infrastructure Manager

As Facilities Infrastructure Manager, Mr. Smith provides senior-level advisory services to help plan data center infrastructure upgrades, manage facilities, sundown legacy equipment, and support Cloud migrations. He increases situational awareness through reports that provide insight into performance, availability, and quality, and provides a smart mixture of preventative, predictive, and reliability-centered maintenance plans.

Mr. Smith has more than 30 years of experience supporting data center facilities. For the past 10 years, he helped AMDEX customers maximize their investments in facility assets. His expertise spans the operation and management of HVAC, UPS, emergency power generation, utility and electrical switch gear, emergency generators, and fire suppression systems.

Dee Mahapat

Financial Manager

Ms. Mahapat manages AMDEX’s finance and accounting functions in which she provides
strategic financial analysis and reporting, and plays a key role in sustaining the company’s
strong growth track and financial position. Ms. Mahapat is celebrating her 20th anniversary
at AMDEX, where she has successfully grown her career from a clerk to a staff accountant
to the Manager of Finance.