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Needs Assessment

Customers accurately define the need for the migration to the Cloud, potential risks, and the expected ROI


Discovery & Migration Support

Customers migrate legacy systems to the Cloud and minimize impacts to ongoing operations


Cloud Services

Customers acquire support for developing Cloud-based systems; using alternatives such as open source and low-code applications

AMDEX is a Amazon Web Services and Microsoft-Certified provider of Cloud Services. We help customers transition to the Cloud by assisting with the client needs assessments, requirements and recommendations for acquisition alternatives. Our team aids customers in migrating through the Clouds systems and minimize the disruption to ongoing operations. All AMDEX staff has been AWS certified in early 2018. AMDEX is able to assist customers in creating new or optimize the performance of existing applications in the Cloud. We also use our expertise in managing agency portfolios to ensure our customers receive the highest return on investment while using Cloud’s services.
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